2022 : Yamaha EF2200iS Review – vs Honda EU2200i

Updated Model : Carbon Monoxide Monitoring. (Amazon)

One Word — Underrated! This is our Yamaha EF2200iS Review — How does it compare to the Honda EU2200i, which was recalled in March 2019, and has since been resolved by Honda. I’m a big fan of Honda as a company. In fact, I bought a 2019 CRV Touring in September 2019, and I absolutely love the vehicle. Honda is a great company, and so is Yamaha, although I wish Yamaha made cars as well. In short, I think Yamaha generators are just as good as Honda generators — or a debatable, close second.

Important Note : Honda updated the Honda EU2200i in 2021, seen in the above image. This new model has CO-Minder, which monitors carbon monoxide levels and automatically shuts down, as well as a few other practical upgrades. To read our review of the newest mode of the Honda EU2200i then visit our dedicated article and indepth review.

For some reason, the Yamaha EF2200iS has yet to catch fire with consumers. Much like social media, popularity breeds popularity. It’s difficult to know why some things are taken in by the zeitgeist, while others are not, even if both are equally as good, albeit slightly different. Perhaps, it’s the subtleties of the differences that determine success, alongside the history that precedes it and the perception that consumers project onto it.

Let’s see how the EF2200iS measures up to Honda’s 2200W inverter.

Excellent industrial design.

Buy on Amazon2200W (18.3A) / 1800W rated (15A)

  • Engine : 79cc
  • Size : 21.9″ x 11.8″ x 18.5″
  • Dry Weight : 55.2 lbs
  • Standard RV Outlet
  • Tri-Handle / Easy Carb Drain
  • Illuminated LED Display
  • DC Output : 3 amps @ 12V
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.24 gal
  • Run-time : 10.5 hrs at 25% load
  • Noise Level : 57dB (25%) / 65dB (rated)
  • Warranty : 3 Years Limited Warranty

No 30A RV outlet.
  • Engine : Honda GXR120 121cc
  • 2200W (18.3A) / 1800W rated (15A)
  • NEW : CO Monitoring System
  • Outlet : 20A 125V Duplex / 12V, 100W (8.3A)
  • Run Time : 3.2 hr. (rated load) / 8.1 hrs (25% load)
  • Size : 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″
  • Noise Level : 48dB (25% load) / 57 dB  (rated)
  • Dry Weight : 46.5 lb.
  • Oil Alert / Spark Arrestor
  • Warranty : 3 Years

Note : There seems to be a stock shortage with the Yamaha EF2200iS. Which means, you’ll notice that most places don’t have any stock. The Yamaha site says they expect stock to begin arriving by Summer of 2021. Luckily there are many great inverter generators for you to choose from. No need to wait if you need a generator today.

Editors’ Opinion : The major drawback in the design of the Yamaha EF2200iS is in the choice of the engine they used. Why did they go with a 79cc engine? Who made that decision? As a result, it creates more noise than the Honda by quite a large margin : 57 to 67dB compared to 47 to 58dB for the Honda. That’s a 10 decibel difference in noise output, which is a lot. In perspective, that’s the difference between a quiet office and a normal conversation. You will notice 10 decibels. It’s unfortunate the engineers didn’t care enough to solve this issue. If you’re paying extra for an inverter generator, especially the price of a Yamaha, you expect it to be quiet. It’s quite simple.

Yamaha EF2200iS — A View Inside : Modern Design

generator review
Excellent industrial design. Well thought out. (Amazon)

Noise aside, it has a 30A RV outlet, and the Honda does not. I think the Yamaha has better features overall and a far more accessible control panel, including superior industrial design aesthetic. In the end, Honda wins because they created a better integrated inverter generator, with a focus on efficiency. Having said that, the Yamaha is a close second. Not everyone can win a race. Somebody has to lose but that doesn’t mean the loser is slow — just not as fast as the competitor.

Yamaha makes two inverter generators that are equally as good, and as reliable as Honda’s EU2200i (2200W) generator. The other comparable Yamaha is the EF2000iSv2, which has quite a large following as well (read review). I understand, many consumers are brand loyal. I’m not one of those people. Let the best generator win! I have no bias to declare.

Consider : Industrial Grade 2200W Honda — EB2200i

Note : Visit the Honda site to see where it’s available to buy. They’ve also recently updated this industrial version and they’ve added the carbon monoxide monitoring alongside Bluetooth connectivity. The new model is : Honda EB2200iTAG

The EB2200i is basically the same as the Honda EU2200i, except this model has GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets, suitable for jobsites and industrial applications. Essentially, GFCI outlets are designed to monitor the inflow and outflow electric current, and shut off the power within fast, a quick as 1/40th of a second, to protect you from electrical shock. Typically, GFCI outlets are essential when working around water, such as a construction worker would do on a rainy day.

Review : Yamaha EF2200iS | High Hopes

 generator review
Tool-free maintenance panel with fuel gauge.

►Check for stock at your local Yamaha dealer by visiting the Yamaha stock locator.


  • Rugged design with a powerful high output Yamaha MZ80 (79cc) engine.
  • Yamaha Quiet Technology. As quiet as a conversation. (57 – 65 dB). Outfitted with Yamaha’s sophisticated muffler to reduce noise.
  • Weight = 55 lbs.
  • Tri-handle design makes it easy to move around.
  • If you need more power, the EF2200iS has a convenient Twin Tech parallel function allowing you to connect two EF2200iS units together, giving you 30 AMPs of running power.
  • Designed for the RV Camper in mind, incorporating a standard RV outlet as a standard plug.
  • Designed for two people to easily move the unit.
  • Starting and stopping the unit is simple with the Yamaha Smart Dial.
  • Long Run Time – The EF2200iS features Smart Throttle, a load sensing rpm control that allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speeds to match the load.
  • Will run up to 10.5 hours at 1/4 rated load on a tank of gas.
  • LED Illuminated Control Panel makes it easy to check the status of your generator both day and night. Multi-function display as well as an illumination light that fills the entire control face of the unit making it easy to see when it’s dark or in low-light situations.
  • Integrated into the control panel is a regulated DC socket outlet allowing more devices to easily connect to the generator.
  • Overload Power Reset enabling the device to restore power without shutting the unit down by holding down the reset button for up to three seconds.
  • Yamaha Easy Carburetor Drain that allows you to empty the fuel from the carburetor to help prevent stale fuel problems and prepare the unit for long term storage.
  • Convenient tool-free maintenance panel allows you to access critical engine components for easy service of your unit.
  • Fuel Gauge – allows fuel level to be seen at-a-glance.
  • Provides clean, high power output featuring Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with its inverter system.

In January 2019, Yamaha announced their latest inverter generator (read press release), the Yamaha EF2200iS. This new model is a step up from the ever-popular Yamaha EF2000iS, with more power and some upgraded features compared to the older model — and yes, a little more expensive, but it also has more advanced features, like a 30A RV outlet.

In its new guise, the Yamaha EF2200iS is now pitted directly against the Honda EU2200i as one of the best in the competitive RV generator market. While both these inverter generators are most likely the top choice for the camping and recreational generator market, they will appeal to anyone in need of a 2200 watt (peak output) generator.

Either generator can supply basic power or an outage, making either generator a handy backup power supply for the home and are tough enough to be competent jobsite generators. Something that is seldom mentioned in generator reviews, is that the Yamaha EF2200iS and Honda EU2200i are probably the ultimate generator for a food truck. The fact that these are lightweight, compact, quiet generators, with ample power for a food truck make them ideal for this situation. The additional benefit of clean inverter power speaks for itself.

VIDEO | A Closer Look at the Yamaha EF2200iS (2200W)

Both the Yamaha EF2200iS and the Honda EU2200i are among the more expensive options in this category of small to mid-sized inverter generators. So how do they compare? That’s what this review intends to establish. I’ll be providing a full review of the new Yamaha inverter generator along with a comparative review of the very popular Honda equivalent. The Yamaha EF2200iS vs Honda EU2200i should prove to be an epic battle. These are both highly advanced inverter generators, with some of the best technology available, hailing from two giants in the portable generator industry.

Compare | Yamaha EF2200iS vs Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2200iS vs Yamaha EF2000iSv2 inverter generator comparison specs

Either of these inverter generators are worth the price. The model to choose depends on what you’ll be using it for. The price is negligible.

About Yamaha USA

The Yamaha brand certainly needs no introduction. Like Honda, this is a Japanese company with a massive footprint in the global motorsport and generator industry. Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has dealership and support centers across the length and breadth of the country.

Yamaha USA has corporate offices in Cypress, California, as well two more in Georgia. Their US factory operations are located in both Georgia and Tennessee, with additional facilities in Alabama and Wisconsin.

Many of their products are developed and manufactured specifically for the US market. This would include all Yamaha generators. These generators are engineered for all of North America, where 120V, 60 Hz AC power is the standard for conventional household electrical power.

VIDEO | A Closer Look at the Honda EU2200i

Yamaha EF2200iS Review

One of the best inverter generators for 2022. Released in February 2019. Designed with automatic load sensing which adjusts power to depending on the power required for your devices.

generator review
30A RV Outlet. Well-laid out control panel.

View or download the BROCHURE for the Yamaha EF2200iS.

Available Accessories & Options :


As we have come to expect from Yamaha, this is an incredibly durable, well-made generator. The modern sleek exterior does not only contribute to its great looks and super quiet noise insulation. It creates a seriously tough enclosure that protects the generator. The polymer alloy frame is as rugged as it gets, at the same time reducing the weight of the generator. The engine is just as tough and reliable. A cast iron cylinder sleeve, induction hardened cam and crank shafts, along with stellite valve face and seats are some of the measures that Yamaha have taken to ensure a virtually indestructible engine.

Parallel Connection : Scale your power needs as you need it

Buy two, double your power if needed. (Amazon)

Apart from being one of the most reliable, the Yamaha 79cc, OHV, 4-stroke engine used to power the EF2200iS is remarkably quiet. The generator produces 2200W (18.3A @ 120V) peak power, with a continuous load capability of 1800W (15A @ 120V). Measurements at 25% of the rated power (450W output), reveal some quite impressive noise level readings. While Yamaha boast great fuel consumption, I don’t feel this is the best. At this load, the Yamaha EF2200iS produces a noise level of between 57 and 65dBA, roughly that of a normal conversation. It will also run for 10.5 hours (at 25% load) continuously on a tank of gas. The tank holds 1.24 gallons, giving us a kilowatt-hour per gallon rate of 3.81 KWH/G. I prefer a generator that provides closer to 5 KWH/G when considering fuel economy.

The Yamaha EF2200i has all the features that we’ve come to expect from a high-end inverter generator. This obviously means that you’re getting pure sine wave, low HD, clean power which is totally safe for electronic devices. It has a smart throttle switch (Economy Mode), which allows the computer to regulate the engine RPM according the required load. This reduces fuel consumption and noise levels. Though I should point out that, as with all inverter generators, this switch is only effective when using 25% (or less) of the rated load. In this case we’re talking about 450 watts – a few lights and a TV, or equivalent load.

Carb drain : Easy to prepare the generator for long term storage.

Will run up to 10.5 hrs. at 1/4 rated load.

Using the Yamaha Twin Tech parallel kit, you can use two Yamaha EF2200i generators in unison, boosting your continuous power output to 3600W (30A), with a peak load (starting watts) of 4400W. Using two EF2200iS generators will allow you to run a 15,000 BTU RV generator, along with a few low wattage appliances. Using a single Yamaha EF2200i, you shouldn’t expect to run much more than a 10,000 BTU AC with a little power to spare. If you’re lucky, perhaps a 13,500 BTU AC, but you will be pushing the limits of the generator.

I really like the user features and control panel fitted to the Yamaha EF2200iS. There have been a few useful upgrades, when compare to the earlier models. It has a small “bubble” gas gauge, which is not that easy to read, but gives a good indication of how much gas is in the tank. They’ve also included an easy drain function for removing fuel from carburetor. Before you store your generator, you simply have to turn a dial to remove the fuel in the carburetor. It also has a single dial for run and stop functions, making it simple to start and stop. It does, however, use the traditional manual choke and recoil starter. All these functions are conveniently grouped together and Yamaha engines are renowned for easy starting. You really don’t need an electric starter.

high power output featuring Pulse Width Modulation. (Amazon)

The Control panel has LED illumination, which is great when using the generator at night. It also has a digital load meter, giving you an easy way to check on your power usage. A low oil indicator is positioned directly next to the load display. Even though a single Yamaha EF2200i only produces 15A, they have included a 30A, RV outlet. You can easily link this generator up to your RV, without the need for additional adapters. A convenience that is common on small generators. It also has 2 X standard 120V household outlets, protected by an overload circuit breaker, and a 12V DC battery charging outlet. The main “Power Boost” breaker allows you to reset the generator after and overload situation, without shutting it down.

When using a generator for camping, on a job site, of for a food truck, portability is an important consideration. This something that Yamaha have taken quite seriously. The EF2200iS weighs only 55.2 LBS, making it quite manageable for one person to carry using the large, centrally balanced handle. It’s just as easy for two people to carry, thanks to an additional two handles at either end of the generator.

Tri-Handle Gives you Multiple Options for Moving It.

Yamaha EF2200iS Inverter Generator
Yamaha has put a lot of thought into this generator. Built for users. (Amazon)

The Yamaha EF2200iS can most certainly rank among the very best 2200W portable generators. Yes, it’s expensive, as is the Honda EU2200i. In that sense, they are aimed at the same type of user, people looking for an ultra-durable, reliable portable inverter generator. The EF2200iS is designed for ultimate in ease of use and I feel they have definitely achieved this. It sort of goes without saying that Yamaha is one of top generator brands, with excellent service. A 3-year warranty is affirmation of this. If you’re prepared to pay a premium for one of the best portable inverter generators, I believe that the Yamaha EF2200iS will meet your expectations, and then some.

Tech Specs :

  • Maximum AC Output : 2200 watts
  • Rated AC Output : 1800 watts
  • Rated / Maximum AC Current : 15 / 18.3 amps @ 120V
  • Engine : OHV, air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Displacement : 79cc
  • Size: 21.9″ L x 11.8″ W x 18.5″ H
  • Dry Weight 55.2 lbs
  • DC Output : 3 amps @ 12V
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.24 gal
  • Continuous Operation at 1 / 4 Rated Load : 10.5 hrs
  • Noise Level (1 / 4 Load – Rated Load) : 57 – 65 dBA
  • Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty

The Yamaha EF2200iS is an exceptional 2200 watt inverter generator, built with high-quality components superior to typical inverter generator brands. The Honda EU2200i is its true competitor but as of March 20, 2019 the Honda EU2200i generator has been recalled due to a manufacturing defect with the serious potential to cause Fire and Burn Hazards (see details below).

Honda EU2200i | 2200W Inverter Generator

Honda EU2200i inverter generator
Ultra-quiet, portable inverter generator.

Read our indepth review of the Honda EU2200i, written in 2019.

Features :

  • EU2200i delivers 10% more power than the previous generation EU2000i – enabling you to power more of what you need, in the same lightweight, compact package. Whether it’s an extra refrigerator at home, a larger saw on your construction site, a larger TV at your tailgate party, the EU2200i gives you the power to get more done.
  • The EU2200i can operate a wide variety of appliances, such as : Microwave, refrigerators, hair dryer, small AC units, and much more. Designed for portable use at home, camping, on the jobsite, or much more.
  • Honda EU2200i operates at 48 to 57 dB : Less noise than a normal conversation. Great for camping (won’t disturb your neighbors), supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation.
  • Powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine. Exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance in a small, lightweight package. At 121cc, the GXR120 is at the top of its class. Originally developed for heavy duty construction equipment. Durable and reliable.
  • Double your power by running two in parallel : Connect it to the Honda EU2000ic Companion generator for additional power. Optional cable sold separately. Get up to 4400 watts of power.
    • Note : The companion generator has a 30A outlet, making it the perfect setup for your travel trailer or RV. The companion generator model is : Honda EU2200ic (“C” for companion).
  • Eco-Throttle System : Runs 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank, depending on the load. This makes it the ideal choice for overnight power, or long-time applications.
  • Inverter technology : Stable, clean power. Produces power that is as reliable (and cleaner) as the power you get from your outlets at home.
  • Automatic mechanical decompressor system significantly reduces the amount of force needed to start the engine.
  • Less than 47 pounds.
  • Large oil filler opening, longer spout, and larger oil drain gutter make for easier and cleaner oil changes.
  • 12v – 8.3A unregulated DC output : Use when charging 12-volt automotive type batteries. (Requires an optional charging cord.)
  • Oil Alert : Protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected.
  • 3 year residential and commercial warranty

View or download the MANUAL and the PARALLEL KIT GUIDELINES for the Honda EU2200i.

Note : There was a recall in March 2019 for this generator, but models being sold today are not affected. The issue has been fixed by Honda.

Honda EU2200i Recall Facts

This recall if for over 200,000 generators sold. A Honda spokesperson explains the problem as a manufacturing defect, and Davis Adams (Honda communications manager) says, “The screws used to assemble the fuel valve may loosen during use, allowing the valve to leak fuel.” Consequently, If gasoline or gasoline vapors leak, a fire or explosion could occur.

Serial Numbers Affected :

Models : Honda EU2200i, EU2200i Companion, EU2200i Camo,

  • Starting Serial : EAMT-1000001 — to — Ending Serial : EAMT-1260796

Model : EB2200i

  • Starting Serial : EAJT-1000001 — to — Ending Serial : EAJT-1005474

If you’ve already purchased any of these generators and it is within the affected ranges listed above and has not been previously repaired, stop using your generator until it has been repaired by an authorized Honda dealer.

Also, you can call the Honda Recall Line to speak with someone directly : (888) 888-3139

For additional information, visit the CPSC website on the official recall (US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How to Identify Fixed EU2200i Generators

Recalled Honda EU2200i generator : Identifying fixed units.

Overview & Review — Honda EU2200i

With both the Yamaha EF2200iS and Honda EU2200i costing roughly the same (over $1000), you will probably want to know which is better before hauling out that sum of cash. In many respects, these two generators are quite similar. They both deliver the same peak load, and are both inverter generators with similar features. I’ll always sway toward Honda, even though Yamaha is an equally respected generator brand. Because these generators are so similar, it may come down to brand loyalty. There are many who prefer Yamaha, this will always be a matter of opinion.

Putting my preference for the Honda brand aside, there are several aspects to the EU2200i that display some superiority. The Yamaha is not without its merits. So in this Yamaha EF2200iS vs Honda EU2200i comparative review, I’ll do my utmost to give both sides of the story. I’ll be addressing the pros and cons of both generators.

The Honda EU2200i is lighter than the Yamaha EF2200iS. At 46.5 LBS, this won’t go by unnoticed, it’s almost a full 10-pounds lighter than the Yamaha. The Honda is also quieter, also by quite a margin with noise level readings of 48 – 57dBA. The Honda GXR120 engine is, in my opinion, the best in its class. This is not to say that the Yamaha engine is less of a machine. They are similar in their OHV, 4-stroke design and durable materials.  Though, I think the higher capacity of the 120cc Honda engine has an advantage over the 79cc Yamaha engine.

VIDEO | Learn All About the Honda EU2200i

The Honda doesn’t have to work as hard to deliver the same 2200 peak watts and 1800 running watts, simply because this is a larger engine. Despite its larger capacity, the Honda is marginally more fuel efficient, 3.84 KWH/G vs 3.81 KWH/G for the Yamaha. Though this difference should prove to be insignificant. These are likely to be the only reasons to consider the Honda over the Yamaha. Though, those of you who service your generator yourself, will appreciate the larger oil drain spout that does a lot to eliminate spills.

The common ground, would be the identical power output, low HD inverter, and easy starting. Honda use a mechanical decompression system that works automatically when you pull the recoil starter. I would think that Yamaha have done the same, but there’s no mention of this. Be that as it may, they both start very easily in any weather and both use a similar manual choke with simple run stop dial. Both these generators have parallel connection ports and an economy mode, something we’ve all come to expect from an inverter generator.

Now for the reasons why you might prefer the Yamaha EF2200iS. The Honda control panel is certainly lacking when compared to that of the Yamaha. The EF2200iS has an illuminated panel, a load meter, a 30A RV outlet, and a fuel gauge on the tank. The Honda has none of these. It has 2 X 125V, household outlets and 12V DC outlet for charging batteries. There are the usual circuit breakers and LED indicator lights for run, overload, and low oil.

Double your power when you need it. Versatile.

Although the Honda has the advantage of being almost 10-pounds lighter, it only has a single carrying handle. It is not easy for two people to carry it, whereas the Yamaha EF2200iS is. The very slight fuel economy advantage that the EU2200i has over the Yamaha is negated by a much smaller gas tank. Comparing their runtime at 25% load, the Yamaha EF2200iS is much more convenient – 10.5 hours vs only 8.1 hours from the Honda’s 0.95-gallon gas tank.

It’s clear from this comparative review, that my preference for the Honda EU2200i is more based on opinion, rather than specifications. It may also depend on what you consider as being important. The Yamaha EF2200iS has quite a lot going for it, the better handles, more advanced user interface, and the very handy 30A RV outlet stand out as being distinct advantages.

The advantage of a longer run-time is another reason to consider the Yamaha EF2200iS as the number one choice. On the other hand, the Honda is lighter and quieter. Personally, I prefer the Honda GSX120 engine. But that could be a matter of opinion. In the end, both these generators should prove to be incredibly durable over many, many years. Both the Honda EU2200i, and the Yamaha EF2200iS have similar 3-year warranties. Additionally, both manufacturers have a massive footprint throughout the US. So service and spare parts should never be a problem.

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