AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel


A great compact and lightweight shovel that you can take anywhere.

The AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is a great companion for anyone who needs a lightweight, compact and sturdy shovel. Made from aluminum and weighing only 1.3 lbs this shovel is built tough. Made in Oregon, USA.

If you need a practical portable shovel the ever-popular AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is very good choice.

Most shovels are far too large and cumbersome to throw in your car or SUV but the AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is an exception. It can be easily disassembled into three parts (as seen in the photo) but it’s small enough to throw in the trunk of your car in case you need to use it in an emergency or dig your car out after a snowstorm.

It’s also adjustable; designed to give you a little more length if you’re taller and providing you with more flexibility so you don’t have to hunch over when you use it. Set the length anywhere between 25 to 32-inches. It’s a nice little feature that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect in such a small and inexpensive shovel.

Compact | AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Perfect for taking with you on the road.

My only complaint about the AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel is that it doesn’t come with a bag to put the pieces in when you break it apart but that’s a minor annoyance. Bags are cheap and easy to come by. I’d rather pay for a good durable shovel instead of a bag.

Yes, there are a lot of heavy-duty shovels in the world and we published a lengthy article on snow shovels recently that may provide you with some good options. Shovels have evolved in the 21st century. You can now buy a snow shovel with wheels for better ergonomics..

The AAA 4004 red aluminum sport utility shovel is built for portability. So, whether you spend a lot of time in the backcountry, like to go camping or just want to have a compact shovel that you can throw in your car trunk in case of an emergency — you’ll adore this little tool. The application you want to use it for is up to you.

Oh, it also comes in three different colors if you happen to be someone who likes to color match their outdoor tools. Personally, I like the blue, but I happen to like anything in blue.

Pick Your Favorite Color

Which color will you choose? I like the blue.

This isn’t intended to be used as a heavy-duty shovel. If you want a shovel to clear your driveway and sidewalk from snow after a blizzard then this definitely isn’t the shovel you should buy. The main selling features of this little shovel is the portability while maintaining a reasonable degree of strength thanks to its aluminum construction.

For blizzards consider a snow blower. For an everyday yard shovel consider a full-size shovel. But as far as something you can easily pick-up and use anytime, anywhere, then this is a very good choice.

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